Globe Safe Company Blog Latest Products Thu, 18 Jul 2024 15:47:06 +0530 en-us A Complete Buyer’s Guide For Fire Resistant Record Cabinets Thu, 14 Oct 2021 10:24:31 +0530 Fireproof cabinets are built of thermal and fire-resistant materials, such as steel or stainless steel. They are also used to safeguard the contents of a building from the consequences of fire, and thus to contain any potentially flammable elements. Fireproof cabinets from fire resistant record cabinet manufacturer are necessary for some situations to fulfil specific lab safety and construction regulations.What to Look For While Buying? While it's critical that your filing cabinet is large enough to fulfil your needs and durable enough to survive, there are a few additional factors to consider. People frequently consider the security dangers associated with a big number of secret papers and ensure that they purchase a filing cabinet with only a key or combination locking from fire resistant record cabinet manufacturer in India that safely holds essential documents.However, if you're going to keep corporate records, deeds, financial statements, and other vital documentation in a filing cabinet, make sure it's something that can withstand environmental hazards like fire.How to Know About The Security Grade? While key locking and passcodes may keep unauthorized individuals from accessing your sensitive documents, they would do nothing to safeguard you from losing it all in the filing cabinets inside the case of a fire.If a fire breaks out, the consequences might be disastrous. All of your commercial paperwork could be wiped out over a couple of moments, presenting you with something close to a catastrophe on your own.Document Cabinets from a fire resistant record cabinet supplier are precision engineered especially in promoting heat and can safeguard your documents from being damaged if a fire breaks out on the property. Fire document closets are professionally tested to ensure that the core temperature does not exceed 177 degrees Celsius, which might fire the paper.The typical fire can reach temperatures of around 600 degrees Fahrenheit. A decent fire document cabinet from fire resistant record cabinet wholesale, should keep your documents secure for two hours, which would be happily far longer than the usual fire department response time.Not only can fire document cabinets safeguard your important documents from destruction, but they often secure each drawer individually as well. This implies that if one drawer is left wide open, the other drawers are unaffected, and your documents are safe.Final Words: According to a survey by technological research company Gartner, 40 per cent of small and midsize enterprises that suffered a significant setback went bankrupt within 5 years. If they did have a catastrophe recovery strategy at all, it was very certainly based on guessing. They also expected their insurance provider might cover them, oblivious to the fact that they'll need to submit receipts and other documentation to prove their loss.In actuality, the coverage funds might take quite a long time to transfer, be reduced significantly, and even be rejected entirely. Even with that, insurance policies will not be capable of replacing names and phone numbers that have been misplaced. You'll never have to discover out and how difficult that is with document cabinets from a fire resistant record cabinet manufacturer in use. Importance of Vault Manufacturing in India Tue, 07 Dec 2021 14:55:11 +0530 For protecting any homely and official assets, we need a vault locker for optimum safety. It has a programmable digital pin code that is used as a password before opening the vault.Vault Manufacturers in India have set this business at a higher level due to its trustworthiness and reliability.   You will find impressive vaults with easy and promising features from leading suppliers. Apart from internal safety, it is the ultimate choice as it is made with premium steel.    Since inception, we look for primary Vault Suppliers in India to have cost-friendly, compact, and secured vaults for keeping the assets safe. Its construction with single metal welding makes its locker more powerful.    Vault Wholesalers: You may store anything inside the vaults, be it files or jewellery, cash or documents, or something else. It makes sure that our assets are private and safe with us.    Premium vaults provide the answer for all safety concerns. The offering includes a vault wholesaler with securing spaces for accommodating the precious valuables.    Atthe home or office, it is mandatory to lock the valuable things and keep these confidential as well. It is a great gift for loved ones.    Safety Vaults with Premium Steel for Immense Security:   The Indian vaults have more security features as compared to others for their ultimate security and constructional features. The digital locker lets you open it after putting the password with the programmable keypad. If you type four consecutive faulty passwords, it automatically locks and freezes for some time.    It has advanced bolts for having better safety, unlike other locking systems. Without the intervention of experts, you may easily mount it with its pre-drilling holes.    About Bank Vaults: It is the most used locker for banks where there are many valuables, documents, and money. The contents are protected via tight doors and armoured walls with a digital password.    It is the introduction of quick protection from bank robbers. Vault Manufacturers in India find a superb way to foil it. Modern vaults are also equipped with anti-theft notifications and alarms. From the middle of the nineteenth century and the starting of the twentieth century, we are seeing vaults with some domination. Buildings are made or renovated around the vaults. Even in some restaurants and banks, we may see it with the most security and fulfillment of ultimate goals.    Installation:   Finished steel panels, lock assembly, and door system are added for the vault construction. Next welding is done with the panels and next, it is time to fit the alarm system with programmable features.  The vaulted interior for modern vaults will have the listening device to pick up any discrepancies or usual theft. It is traced with an alarm and the camera for alerting the local police.    Hence, it is a futuristic approach to install and use vaults for our homes. We never know when the thieves plan for stealing our assets when we are asleep. Hence, vaults are modern protection to get rid of these issues.  Get more vault features from the experts and manufacturers in India. Ensure Safety of Your Valuables With Security Safes Mon, 21 Feb 2022 11:50:58 +0530 Nowadays, we all have different needs and ambitions, but one thing that most of us have in common is the requirement to keep our personal items and valuables including jewelry, important documents, etc. safe and secured all the time. Investing in a security safe is a great idea if you want to secure your valuable items.    A security safe (also known as a strongbox) is a secure lockable box commonly used for protecting valuable objects against fire or theft. This lockable box is usually a hollow cylinder or cuboid, having one opening being hinged or removable to form a door. If you want to invest in something that will help you save money and increase the safety of your home, then getting a security safe is the best solution. So, we encourage you to contact the best dealer who is dealing with wholesale security safes at reasonable prices.   Here are some of the benefits of using a security safe at your office and home:   Ensure Protection: Many of us want to protect family antiques or cash is a secured place. Having a security safe is very imperative to keep all types of expensive items and valuable documents protected from burglars or thieves.    If you want some keep unsafe things away from your kids, you can protect them in a security safe. A security safe can allow you to secure your sensitive items in your house from any person who might harm them. With security safes, made available by security safes suppliers in India as per your changing need, you can easily get assurance of safety and security of your valuable things.    Fireproof:  Besides the fact that it can protect our expensive and important items, a security safe is also beneficial because it can withstand fire. Most security safes made available by security safes manufacturers in India are developed out of fireproof materials. So, no matter what happens within the location where the security safes are kept, there would not be an issue as they can even keep paper documents safe from the fire within it.    Reduced Insurance Rates: If you get security safes in your home and office, you will have a reduced insurance rate because a security safe will decrease the risk of having expensive material losses within the house. You can invest money in other things, instead of paying a high insurance amount that might not be fully covering your needs.   Get A Peace Of Mind: With the help of a security safe, you can get peace of mind because you do not have any stress about a safe place to store your valuables, expensive items, and cash. A great load will get out of your shoulders and you will feel a relief knowing that your precious things are held safely by you.   As we know that security safes are the perfect solutions when it comes to securing documents or precious items, investing in one of them is an excellent option. The amazing offers provided by security safes suppliers in India can help you get your preferred security equipment at a discounted rate. Why Safety Locker Is A Must - Have For Any Arrangement? Fri, 13 May 2022 13:24:07 +0530 No matter what would be the place it is, whether it’s a bank, any office or your home, in recent times, it’s important to keep all your valuable belongings in a safe and protected place. We all are familiar with bank accounts where we can deposit our money to keep them safe. But it’s not only the money that requires safety and protection. There are so many other valuable belongings of us that also are needed to be kept with maximum security and protection.   Though there are numerous options that can offer immense safety to your valuable belongings, safety lockers can be the best accurate option. Whether it’s a residential possession, a commercial possession, a corporate office or any other private or Government bank and finance office, the importance and necessity of the safety lockers are inevitable.   Safety lockers not only offer safety and protection of your valuable belongings but also deliver you a feeling of relief and security. Different types of safety lockers are utilised to keep the precious things of different individuals. Here in the following segment of this article, we would discuss what are safety lockers, different types of safety lockers and their miscellaneous advantages.   What is The Safety Locker?   The safety lockers or the safe-deposit boxes are nothing but small to moderate-sized storage cabins that are available either separately for various commercial and official uses or jointly with a cabinet for private uses. The safety lockers are usually made with strong metal elements and advanced technology to ensure maximum security.  The safety lockers are available in several designs and patterns. They all have different functionalities and purposes. The different types of safety lockers that you can get from any reputable safety locker manufacturer are the following.  Manual lockers. Fireproof lockers. Security lockers. Electronic lockers. Jewellery lockers. Gun lockers.   Some famous applications of safety lockers in both Government and private banks, corporate offices, financing organisations and many more.   Merits of The Safety Lockers   As we mentioned earlier, these days, it’s crucial to insulate valuable things from getting looted or mislaid. Things like cash, jewellery, land agreements and other items should be kept in properly secure arrangements with absolute awareness. Not only these things, but many other personal belongings also require ultimate attention to avoid any misplacement. Below are the reasons why the safety lockers are in absolute demand.    Security   It is needless to cite that the first merit of the safety lockers is none other than their fultless capacity to provide 100% security. The safety lockers are used on a large scale to provide insurance and security to the place of their installation. Many commercial and corporate office setups purchase them from renowned safety lockers wholesalers to install them and make their arrangements free from any threats.   Protection From Unpredictable Incidents   Accidents or mishaps never arrive with a warning. Thus, it’s important to keep all your valuable belongings in a place where they can be kept with maximum efficacy and attention. If any natural calamities like floods or fires occur, the safety of your precious belongings would not be compromised. So they can be protected in any adverse situation.   Technology Driven   Most safety lockers suppliers in India supply safety lockers that are highly technology-driven. Most safety lockers include characteristics that are highly technology-oriented. They are locked with complicated AI codes that are almost inconceivable to crack.    Multi-Dimensional   The safety lockers are clean and can be customised as per your demand. These safety lockers can save both space and time. The utilization of these safety lockers can eliminate the manual assistance of conserving a locker. Not only jewellery and cash, but you can also keep your valuable documents in these lockers.   So, opt for the safety locker for keeping anything that is precious to you. With the utilisation of these lockers, you can eradicate all the uncertainties and impediments to keeping your assets safe. Safety Lockers: Chambers with Safety Measures Mon, 30 May 2022 16:27:54 +0530 A safe or a locker is a secured box that can be locked. These lockers are used for securing any kind of valuable objects or documents against theft and damage. These safety lockers even protect from fire mishaps.   The safety lockers are generally cuboid in shape, it has a door hinged to them which can be removed for operating the locker. The body and door of the whole structure are made of metal, mainly steel, or plastic by means of blow moulding. The Safety Locker Manufacturers secures the locks of these safety lockers with different forms of combination locks.   Trade and Commerce   Different companies manufacture safety locks with advanced technologies in our country and other parts of the world. These companies claim that the buyer can reliably store all their valuable items within it. These manufacturing companies ensures that the safety lovers they provide are engineered with bodies that are formulated with a combination code as chosen by the buyers.   These companies offer a wide range of safe lockers which are used domestically and in various other commercial places. Safety Locker Manufacturers in India provides protection to valuable legal papers and other items like jewellery and cash and various other important things. The safety that these lockers lead to offers a sheer piece to the owner’s mind.   The manufacturing companies claims of producing these safety lockers made of premium quality steel, that protects the locker from any sort of scratches and attacks and are resistant to rust. These lockers are also provided with anti-saw locking bolts. Again, these lockers are provided with holes that are pre-drilled for enabling mounting on the floor, wall or any other hard surfaces permanently for extra protection.   Types of Safety Lockers Produced     Safety Locker Wholesalers produce a number of variety of these lockers with different features installed that makes them applicable for various purposes. The variety of safety lockers are as follows:   Double door safety lockers, comes with two doors that open in vertical halves. These lockers are used in safe deposits of banks, offices and other financial institutions. These lockers can withstand temperatures up to a Celsius reading of 1000 degrees. The design of the groove and tongue prevents any external gas or dust to enter inside. These lockers are operated with keys.   Single Door safety locker made with mild steel weighs about 250 kilograms. They possess a superior spray paint of advanced technology that prevents corrosion, rust and any sort of scratches. These safety lockers are also operated with keys.   Jewellery lockers are made of mild steel and stainless steel and with customised sizes. These lockers can be used not only for storing jewellery but also for other concealable items. They are available in different colours and are resistant to fire.   Single door safety lockers come with one door that opens in swinging motion. This safety locker is made of mild steel and weighs around 65 kilograms. The single door safety lockers are rectangular in shape with plates around the lock and its mechanism that are resistant to drills.   Conclusion   Safety Locker Suppliers in India procure raw materials from vendors who are highly reliable for manufacturing for ensuring quality products. These suppliers can also provide prompt logistic services at the customer’s request. What is the Uniqueness of Adopting a Double Door Locker System? Tue, 28 Jun 2022 17:04:48 +0530 Providing proper security to valuable assets such as cash, bond paper, gold, and diamond is the basic requirement of humans. A bank locker or double door safety locker system can provide adequate security to these valuable assets. Thus rational people always want to buy durable lockers to store valuable assets.   What is a Locker?   A locker is a small metallic store found in cabinets and public places such as transport hubs and locker rooms. The size of the locker depends on the purposes and construction of the locker. A door less locker is available in cylindrical or cone-shaped. In this type of locker, one can store the relevant document securely. Thus double door safety locker is one of the safest places to store important assets and documents.   Different Types of Lockers   The various types of locker materials are as follows-   Metal lockers are the most popular type of locker that is strong and reliable. But metal locker requires huge maintenance. Even the opening and closing system of this locker is also problematic. Phenolic lockers are easy to clean than metal lockers. But the installation process of this locker is costlier than the metal locker. Laminate locker is weather-resistant and more durable than wood and metal. But the maintenance cost is costly for this locker. Double door locker manufacturer provides this type of locker. Wood locker doesn't rank on top of the locker quality, but it can provide a great appearance.   Uniqueness of Locker   The significant purposes of using a locker system are as follows-   A human can use a locker for various purposes such as schools, health clubs, military bases, fire departments, locker rooms, airports, and health clubs. A locker that is made from thicker metal is strong and provides huge protection. Hassle-free locker opening system is popular around the world. The old-fashionable locker has sturdy security devices to store valuable ornaments and cash. Double door safety locker exporters provide Stainless steel lockers that are rust-free and last for a long time. Problems for Maintaining Lockers   The significant problems of using a double door locker system are as follows-   Open the locker lock is a common problem; users may forget the accurate number to open the locker, in such a situation, it can create problems. But one can solve this problem by writing the locker number in a secret place. In the bank, users may face problems while identifying their locker in the first days, but one can solve this problem by remembering the nearby landmark and locker no.  Estimate proper time for using the locker before going to an office. Sharing a locker with your closed one may create problems. You can make a note about the materials of your closed ones to solve any conflict. The messy locker doesn't look good. Double door safety locker supplier provides adequate instruction to their buyers about the cleaning process. Sometimes, people mishandle the locker in an emergency situation, which creates huge fraud in your absences.   Thus one can understand the essential steps of handling a locker for the ultimate security of the valuable assets. Why should you Buy Electronic Lockers? Wed, 24 Aug 2022 13:09:04 +0530 Electronic lockers are one of the safest places to store valuable assets and money. Due to the use of electronic lockers no unwanted intruders can dare to touch your valuables items, important documents, and money from your home. This savior appliance saves you from the pain of carrying around a locker key while you are out of your home.  Many mechanical lockers can be lock-picked but electronic lockers are more secure because there is no access to the lock. Electronic lockers are very safe and it makes it easy to set up burglar alarms.     Features of Digital Lockers The unique characteristics of digital lockers are as follows- Good quality digital locker has a 10MB free personal storage space that is linked to each resident's Aadhar to securely store e documents and to store URI links of e documents to access them directly from the repositories. Sharing of secured e documents with requests It is accessible through a web portal and it is applicable through a mobile application. Safety locker suppliers in India always try to give the best quality electronic lockers.     Technical Benefits of Electronic Lockers The significant reasons to use electronic lockers are as follows- It Increased Revenue-People can pay more amount for better service. Keyless electronic lockers command a higher rental price due to their superior convenience and huge security. Better Security-Lost key is a security risk, any unscrupulous person who finds a lost key can access that locker. Keyless lockers are secure and unique PIN that protects against any risks. Less Loss-Keys are expensive to replace. And lockers remain out of service until a proper replacement key has been sourced. A keyless system eliminates this problem and gives huge satisfaction to the customers.  Increased Utilisation-Keyless lockers give a quick turnaround of lockers rentals when a guest has ended their rental, the locker can be re-hired immediately.  Usage Control-With keyless lockers the rental is electronically closed out at the end of the day and the PIN will not be valid for the following day. Increased Flexibility-Electronic lockers are easy to use and they don't make any problems. Flexibility is one of the greatest features of the electronic locker. Good quality safety locker manufacturers can give huge potentiality.     Advantages of Electronic Locker The unique advantages of using electronic lockers are as follows- Security- Digital lockers can provide enough security solutions for their users. It is a reliable means of access control. Convenience- Digital lockers are convenient to use. There are no keys to lose. Reliability- Electronic lockers tend to be reliable because there is less wear and tear than traditional locks.  Higher Security- If you want additional security, electronic locks reign the industry. Dual control is another useful feature of electronic lockers. Price- The price is affordable as per its working pattern. Safety lockers wholesalers can give a unique price.   Try to consider these unique factors while buying any electronic safety lockers. You can check online for this purpose. How should you choose a Tijori? Fri, 25 Nov 2022 12:00:11 +0530 A locker or tijori is a medium-sized narrow storage device that is useful for storing different components in large numbers. Locker is useful in various public places such as workplaces, schools, high schools, transport departments, and locker rooms. Tijori manufacturers different sizes of lockers for different purposes.   A locker is narrow with various heights and widths. A locker that is useful in public places should be large than a regular locker size. Steel, metal and iron are common materials that are useful in making durable lockers.     Benefits of Metal Storage Locker The significant benefits of using metal locker are as follows- Sustainability- The significant benefit of buying a metal locker is its durability. A locker made from steel or metal can last for a long time. Steel or metal lockers can last for a long time due to their impressive durability. Enough Security- Metal lockers have huge security. Thus metal locker with high-standard key locks can give you enough security. It can provide you with the best security. Cost-effective- If you buy a metal locker, it can be a cost-effective solution. Metal locker is not expensive enough and can provide you with the best security at a reasonable price. Authentic tijori manufacturers in India can provide tijori at a reasonable price. Resistance- Metal locker has huge resistance capacity. A metal locker can resist any weather and chemical resistance. You can check the sustainability of a metal locker before buying it. Pest-free- Metal locker is free from any pests. When you buy a metal locker, it can resist any insect attack.     The Significance of Digital Locker Digital locker is a cloud-based valuable assets storage system that eliminates the usage of physical documents. Digilocker has access to control the scanned copies. Citizens or users must scan their fingerprints or enter their PIN to open the digital locker.    You can operate a digital locker through a particular mobile app. You can get the authorization to access a digital locker without boundaries if you buy a locker from authentic tijori suppliers in India.     Process of Choosing Locker Storage One should consider the following factors while choosing durable locker storage- You should consider the design or style of the locker before buying it. Beautifully designed locker has huge demand in the market. You should consider the lock system of the locker. If the locker has a uniform design and unique technology, it will help you significantly. You can choose the proper locking system for the locker from any authentic tijori manufacturer. You can store highly secured items such as valuable ornaments, jewelry, and papers in a locker. It is useful for you. It would help if you considered the area where you will place the locker. If the locker is large enough, it cannot fit perfectly in your desired place.   You can search online to choose the best wholesale tijori in India at an affordable price. It will help to choose the best quality tijori.